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About Wasabi

Wasabia japonica is a plant native to Japan and although it is related to horseradish and mustard, it is not actually a member of the horseradish species. The Japanese have been eating wasabi since around 14,000 BC, but harvesting it as an actual crop didn’t begin until the 16th century. And, because wasabi is so difficult to grow, it was only used by the ruling class.
But, as sushi slowly began to rise in popularity, wasabi soon became widely used as a flavoring because of its natural ability to counteract food poisoning.
Wasabi has a uniquely sweet and fiery taste which really wakes up the taste buds and sinuses. Although it is usually associated with sushi, it has recently been recognized as a unique flavoring by chefs around the world for use with everything from Carpaccio beef to ice cream.
Most pastes and powders available in stores contain very little actual wasabi with some products containing none at all. After fresh wasabi has been grated and is ready to eat, the wasabi should be a beautiful pale green, just as nature intended.

Azumino, the ideal place to grow wasabi

Located in the center of Japan, Azumino is renowned for producing Japan’s famous wasabi. The meltwaters from the Japan Alps seep down into the alluvial fan shaped area of Azumino, and 700,000 tons of water well up every day. It is there that Azumino wasabi is cultivated over a long period (between 15 and 24 months). A harsh environment that is hot in the summer and bitter cold in the winter presents just the right amount of stress to produce the wasabi’s distinctive zest and flavor.
Since Azumino wasabi grows slowly in that harsh environment, it stores material in a high density.
This gives it a rugged appearance, but when you grate it, it has a beautiful green color, a strong zesty flavor, an invigorating aroma, and a lingering sweetness. That pungent zest, invigorating aroma that clears your sinuses, and lingering sweetness – those are what make Azumino wasabi delicious.

Wasabi Cream Cheese

Made with 100% fresh, high-grade Azumino wasabi and carefully selected domestic cream cheese. Safe and reliable, it is handmade with no additives. A freshness that does not seem possible – the one and only Wasabi Cream Cheese. Savor it on crackers or bread and paired with wine, beer, sake, or other drinks. The spiciness is mild, so even children can have it.

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